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Nokia vs. iPhone.

So I got an iPhone.

This is a big thing for me as I hate Apple. I really do. It's not that I'm in love with all things PC or Windows - I honestly don't really care. No, that's a lie, as I clearly do. What I mean is that I'm not a die hard fan of it. I just don't like the interface of a Mac, or how it's all rounded and Playmobil-like. I don't like that I feel like a 12 year old when I'm using a Mac. It's all so, so, so.....childlike. To me - that is. Some say it's easier to navigate, I just don't find a PC hard to navigate.

I should clarify that it's really just Macs that I don't like, as I do own an iPod, and have done for some years, and as said; I now own an iPhone.

But, for all that it's lovely and I can play games on it (which almost visually sucks the life out it), I miss my Nokia.

Let's make a list. It'll make it easier for me.

Pros of my iPhone
It looks nice
It has lots of games
It has some sort of status attached to it (depending on how you use it. For example; I overheard a man in an airport saying, while on the phone, "Wait, I'll look it up in my iPhone now." What's wrong with the term 'phone'??)
It has lots of games
It has a touch screen
It has a nice big screen
It has a QWERTY keyboard
It has lots of games

Cons of my iPhone
Battery life
Touch keyboard is easy to make mistakes on
No predictive text
Everything must be accessed (e.g. to see notes)
It's pretty big
The status attached to it sometimes
No MMS messaging (it's a 2G)
Poor camera
Bluetooth is apparently shit

Pros of my (old) Nokia (E65)
Nice size
Nice keys - not so many mistakes
Predictive text
Note/reminder function that was constantly visible
Battery life (it has one)
Good camera

Cons of my Nokia
No touch screen
Smaller screen
Not quite as pretty as an iPhone

Hmmmm. The thing is, when it comes down to it; why is the iPhone so wonderful exactly? It's pretty, it's fast (what with the touch screen and all), but there are things I miss about my Nokia. Simple things that I honestly presumed would be on this amazing phone that people were positively dribbling over. I find so often with Apple things, it is just the Apple they're drooling over. For me - that is. I find this fascination with Apple....fascinating. I had a Mac once, and soon after went back to my Dell. Just don't understand what all the fuss is about... But when all is said and done, will I get another Nokia? Not right now. Why? Basically - I can't be arsed. Perhaps not quite the brand loyalty Steve wants, but it's all he's getting.

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