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To Blog........Or Not

It's a question I ask myself often. I really do. I never know when I should open up this little box, and start rambling away, or when I should just forget about, which is usually what I do. Why? I will tell you.

You see, I can't help but wonder that what with all the blogs out there, things are getting...a little diluted. I mean, if I see something that I'd like to blog about, chances are there are 50,000 other people out there who also think, "Ooh, I think I'll blog about that." And then sometimes people blog about it after the 50,000 other people have blogged about it, and they blog about their blogs, and things just sort of......get a tad repetative. I know I've hardly a big following, indeed, I honestly think that most of my visitors have simply accidently stumbled across my blog (except for one or two of them, perhaps), and of course there's me, checking to see how many people have looked, so it's not like if I blog about something that everyone else has blogged about my faithful fans will throw up their...keyboards in protest, but it's not exactly going to get me any new followers, is it.

I know that if you're going to have a blog you have to keep it updated, but to what extent? Shouldn't there be some kind of quality not quantity theme? Not, I hasten to add, that I think my blog, while although sparse, is just oozing deep, meaningful, and insightful posts, but do I really want to just blog about something that everyone else is blogging about.

It's sort of my fault, I know. My Twitter friends and the other places I might throw my blog out into, or the other sites I check daily are all sort of based around the same things - of course - it's what I'm interested in. So, needless to say, everyone's blogs/sites are updated around the same time that something that interests me happens, so is it really necessary just to...join in? Am I explaining this well? I don't think I am. Let's just pretend that I am.

I know it would give me a voice, it would let people know where I stand and maybe present the event in a new light for some people, but most of the time, the pov has been covered, and really, everyone sort of has the same pov as like attracts like and all that. Maybe I should start following some hardcore racists, bigots or just total idots, just for alternative views. Then I could blog about their racist, bigoted, idiotic blogs. You know, for fun.

I think tomorrow, on 'Follow Friday' on Twitter, I'm going to start following some random people and see what happens. But my worry there is that I'll never know if something good comes in to my feed as I'll be following too many people, which also means I'll miss tweets from those people who I actually enjoy following and whose tweets I actually value. Which takes me back to an earlier blog, 'Quantity not Quality?'. Oh, there it is again; quality not quantity.

Quality, not quantity. That will be my new mantra. It probably should have been a long time ago. I remember hearing something about it in school many moons ago..oh well. Never to late to learn.

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