Prattle & Jaw

Two blogs about a whole lot of nothing


My name is Lara. I work in communications.

On this site you'll find a couple of blogs. One, Prattle, is supposed to be full of interesting things that are (vaguely) related to my work, but in some (most) cases I fail miserably.

The other blog, Jaw, is more personal. It's holidays, mundane ramblings (mostly about a broken elbow), and that kind of stuff. You can also look at some of my photos if you want. I think they're pretty but that's probably because I was there. 

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I'm from the UK but have lived in Denmark since 2003 (I think). It's nice here. There's no Brexit and public transport is much better, although good bacon is surprisingly hard to find.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook and say hello. Or if you see me on the street give me a poke. I probably look sad but I just have a resting sad face ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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