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Leaving the nest

Good Lord, I am getting slack with this blog. Anyway, this is random, but isn't everything on here?

This popped up on reddit as a gif, and I thought it was interesting. 

"The latest brand new Boeing 747-8 Cargolux Airlines' freighter performing a crazy wings swing-bye during take-off on its delivery flight from Paine field airport. Mostly all big heavies that get delivered from PAE do the 'wing wave' as a thankful gesture during delivery flight to their destination airbase but, they do so only when they have climbed to almost 2000 ft or higher and attained a sufficient speed. The 'wing wave' is mostly done to say goodbye as the airplane will never see the home airport again (where it was made). But in this case, surprisingly, the Cargolux 747-8F performed it immediately after leaving the ground when it was too low and at slower speed which appeared to be quite dangerous and something very crazy/ unusual. This also shows the extreme manoeuvre capabilities of the newest version of the 'Queen of the skies'."

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