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Droid VS iPhone.

Did you see the Droid advert? It’s great and I love it. Not just because I’m…..slightly anti-Apple, but also because it’s clever and funny. Seriously, that’s also why. Seriously.

Anyway, if you didn’t see it, you can here.

Ho ho ho.
Of course, some little fan boy (or girl) out there was going to get all antsy about the fact that someone dared poke fun at almighty Apple, and yes, a retaliation was made. Here that is.


This too is pretty funny, and well made, but because it’s pro-Apple, I automatically don’t like it. Only kidding! Sort of. No really.

However, what did make me smile the most, is the very first line. “iDon’t need vague information”. Excuse me? iPhone users not needing vague information? Are you serious? What, if it’s not, is the iPhone other than a provider of totally useless crap? Perhaps I speak too sharply.

I have owned an iPhone (as well as a Mac, so it’s not as if I haven’t tried. I really, really have, but I just can’t do it), and yes, it makes and receives phone calls (very quietly though), you can text, you can email and take pretty pictures and even send these (if you’ve got the latest one…), yes, it can do all the things a phone should (except predictive text), which is just great. But then, what’s this? Yes, 100,000 applications. 100,000. How many of these are useful? Well, there are the maps, the augmented reality stuff, the guides, that sort of thing (that you could just look up online), which are, granted; useful. But all the rest? Vague (read inexplicable)? I’d say so.

Maybe it’s just me, but the iPhone represents the largest accumulation of pointless and vague information this side of......well, you know those people who have their Facebook pages smothered in applications like Farmville, aquariums, zoos, and God knows what else; that to me, is the iPhone.

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