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Not Again...

I've always had a policy that the moment I start to dread going into work (if that happens), then I leave. It just doesn't make sense for either of us to have a miserable employee. Luckily, having what some might call a dangerous habit of only apply for jobs that I really want, means that I'm hard pressed to think of any job I've actually started to dread. I've also had the luck of either being invited to an interview or actually getting the jobs I've applied for, which means that 99.9% of the time - I'm one happy employee.

However, the backlash of all this is that when I do have to leave a job, it really, really sucks. 

Leaving London for Denmark meant I had to leave the job I was in at the time. I even cried when I left - which was a first. Leaving a job and colleagues when you don't want to just isn't nice. 

Sadly, from the first of this month, I find myself in the same position. 

I was thrilled when I got my job as Online Communicator at Designit. The company was warm and friendly, open and secure, and the job was superb. I've never worked in a company with such a focus on the social and personal aspect. They recruit just as much on chemistry as competences and it's extremely evident once you're in the organisation. 

The company is growing constantly. Already global, it recently merged with a Spanish company in order to expand into Spanish-speaking markets and it hasn't stopped hiring since I started. I knew from the get-go that they wanted to make the company less Denmark-centric, and with the recent mass reshuffling of the organisation due to the speedy growth, a number of positions were either terminated or moved abroad.

Unfortunately, one of those jobs was mine. My position will now be located in Spain.

The positive thing in all this is that this has nothing to do with my performance. It was a change I had no control over, and what's more, it's a change I can sympathise with. 

So, as of November 30th, I am no longer a Designit. I'm OK with that decision - even if it wasn't my decision. I had found the design world a hard world to crack. It's not my education and it's not my passion - and only very recently had a seed of doubt been planted (I hesitate to use the word 'doubt'). I had found myself missing brands, marketing, campaigns, client contact and the digital world of communication, but I hadn't made any kind of decision - I hadn't so much as though about making a decision. Now, things have been taken out of my hands. 

Perhaps I'll find it hard to find somewhere like Designit again.

 Perhaps it was the kick that I needed.  

I guess we'll have to wait and see. This week I'll hopefully find the time to update my résumé and make it shine.

I'm job hunting, and I'm excited about it. 

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