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Gimme Gimme Gimme!

I've recently discovered the Gimme Bar. I might be a little bit in love with it as it basically gives me everything I've ever wanted. Well, not exactly. It allows me to do almost everything I've wanted to do online.

It lets me save images, videos, bit of text, whole pages - anything - for later. Public or private, gathered up in little collections for me to share or come back to later. 

I'm constantly finding things I want to look at later, or be reminded of, or think that one day I'll buy, and I either stick them on Pinboard or add them to TeuxDeux, but as much as I love Pinboard and TeuxDeux, it's not what they're for. Gimme Bar is exactly that; a place to store stuff.

Check it;

New Gimme Bar Demo from Gimme Bar on Vimeo.


It's open for sign up until Friday, when it will close again for a while. This is because SwissMiss, Queen of all Blogging Cool, blogged about it. Thank you, Tina. So - go! Sign up! Gimme!

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