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Facebook, Mac, Chrome help

Is it just me or;

a) is it not possible to use Facebook's share bookmarklet in Chrome on a Mac? I try to drag and drop but it's not having it.

UPDATE - problem 1 solved! Add bookmarklet to Firefox, import bookmarks to Chrome :) Phew. 

b) did Facebook just get messy by removing the 'link' option on your profile?

As far as I can tell, the only way to share a link would be to copy it in the status update field and share it, but then the URL is visible on your profile. Something which I find highly offensive (not really, just messy). See the difference below.

If anyone can help me on either of these things, please comment or get in touch. They're both annoying.

UPDATE - well now this is sorted out as well. Panic over. Mark Jensen to the rescue. Simply paste in your URL, then delete it. The embedded URL remains and your profile is nice and tidy. 


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