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Paul White - Wanderlust

Came across these drawings by Paul White today. They're super stuff. On his Facebook page you can also see his research photos, which means you can compare photo to drawing. I love these for two reasons. Firstly, they're brilliant drawings, and I love the simplicity of them, bar the detail on the actual subjects. The planes, trains and automobiles are desolate and alone, and there's no better way to portray them. Secondly, I have a fascination of ruins, abandoned places or things, and most definitely airplane graveyards. I've only ever seen one airplane graveyard, in 1999, and although I can tell you it was in the American West, I couldn't tell you where exactly (maybe New Mexico?). I've been wanting to go back to one ever since. They're the most wonderfully serene places. Anyway. Enough. Enjoy the art. 

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