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Here's another Swedish advert, this time a little more weird. Here's the background: "Unionen is a Swedish union for civil servants. Last year they launched the concept "Powers out of the ordinary - at work". Showing members whose new found confidence and skill in their work place have gone to their heads. They've started thinking in terms of "If Bruce Wayne can be Batman, i can be Organizerman". By ANR BBDO.

Why does he have a pet seagull? Answers on a postcard... Oh, I just found this explanation: "Cultural sidenote: in the spot featuring a seagull, in Swedish "big gull" apparently has a double meaning. It can refer to the bird, of course, but it also means "big mouth." So when Organizerman brings his gull to work, it looks like he's surely in for it."

It appears that there are lots more, but so far without English subtitles. I like this one, even if you can't understand a word they're saying.

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