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McDonalds - Just Wait

Don't know about you but I certainly don't buy this crap by McDonalds. Sure, it's nice to see someone who actually benefits from the fast food behemoth (albeit an owner of a massive industrial food processing plant), but am I really meant to believe that it's all cosy and safe down at the farm? What's with that music? Are we meant to believe he's sitting on a pile of potatoes in Idaho? Could he at least sound sincere? Apparently there will be more so keep those eyes peeled (see what I did there?).

I'd love to see the poultry version of this. As Co.Exist (depressingly) point out, "Where its food comes from is illustrated not by Frank Martinez but by the potato mountain in front of which he is perched. That gives some sense of the industrial scale that McDonald’s is actually working with. It’s not interested in small farmers because those farmers aren’t even on McDonald’s radar. In fact, McDonald’s doesn’t even buy direct from farmers, but from suppliers who contract with farmers. Frank Martinez doesn’t even work for them."


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