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Week 21 of the Internet

Hello, hello, hello! And welcome to another week of the internet. Well, my internet anyway. The bits and pieces that fly by my eyes and make me think 'huh', because really, if we're honest, that's all we think. It's all crap really, only to be forgotten as soon as you leave this page. But you know what? That's OK. Why? Because I'm to Thailand. Ha! In May, I should add, so you're stuck with me for the next few weeks. 

So, start your weekend by reading about the history of barbed wire. It's more interesting than you'd think, and has the bonus (?), of containing one of the most depressing and shaming photos in our history (hint: buffalo skulls).

Once you've hung your head in European shame for a suitable amount of time, cheer up by looking at this tea, which is just how tea would have looked when those silly Americans threw it in Boston's harbour. Silly Americans. They actually had a fair point really. 

I've got a feeling I've posted this before, but I like it, so here it is again. 

Speaking of spectating, well, actually this is dreaming, but you know, same same (ish)... I love this montage of dreams in films. It ends with the dream sequence I remember most of all. It horrified me when I first saw it. 

While we're on films, check out this collection of first and final frames from films. It's oddly beautiful.

If you like growing stuff but don't know when to plant it (like me), then this is the cheat sheet for you. 

This is truly horrifying, and apparently completely legit

Hmmm. I can't end on that note. God knows why I put things in that order. Let me see what I can find to end on a high. 

Oh right, well McDonalds has launched their own line of clothing and home stuff. Yes, now you can dress in Big Macs and have a Big Mac duvet, in your Big Mac wallpapered bedroom. 

The lovely and humble (but quite aggressive, I'm told), robin was crowned the Britain's National Bird this week. I actually voted for the blue tit, but it was a really tough choice. I just like blue tits. They remind me of sitting the garden in spring and summer. 

Not really a high, but spare a thought for Petal, who went to the big bed in the sky this week. She was a tiny little thing, but went on forever. If she wasn't tripping you up as you went up and down the stairs, causing you to fall and simultaneously almost cut her in half with your legs, she was creeping under the duvet and licking your bottom. She will be missed. 

Have a great weekend. I won't be back next week as it's Easter, so I'll either be drunk or eating. 

Ah ha! Look - I found something cool to end on: flying through the solar eclipse.

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