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Oh JCPenney...

Can't seem to start this post in the right way. There are too many negative things I want to say and not enough ways to say them. I'll start from the beginning.

JCPenney thinks it's a totes neat idea to give people a QR code, sorry, 'Santa Tag' with every gift they buy this holiday season. You can then use the Santa Tag to record a message, which is then played back when the recipient scans it. You know the deal.

The FAQs don't say how long the message can be, and I'm presuming not very long, which is a shame as in my mind leaving long, stupid messages is the only half-decent fun that could possibly come out of this. Anyway, watch the video, look at the FAQs - does anyone want to go through so much bloody effort to 'make' their Santa Tag? Never mind that, when you get a gift, would you rather glance at a handwritten card or take out your phone, scan the sodding Santa Tag, and sit their and listen to what's probably a very short message? Anyone? 

Pardon the rant. QR codes can really rub me up the wrong way. Everyone watch this, it's really very educational.

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