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I Give Up

Tell me - what do you see when you look at this ad?

A girl sitting on a railway track, looking a bit sad (and slightly daft) - maybe she lost her way, maybe she lost her right eyeball, maybe she just missed her train and is just feeling a bit deflated, or maybe, as the ASA would have it, she's perched in an outrageously dangerous location, seconds away from being squashed into oblivion by a train she wouldn't hear, see or feel as it came careering along the tracks. 

Yes, this ad from Miu Miu featuring Hailee Steinfeld has become the latest ad banned by the ASA after receiving one complaint saying the ad suggesting youth suicide. Yes, you did read that. The good old ASA rejected the idea that it suggested youth suicide but did agree to pull the ad on account of the fact it showed a young, impressionable girl in an unsafe location

I don't even know where to start with this, and I'm not even sure I can be bothered to do a Google for images that also place people in 'unsafe locations', like, I don't know, a car. 

Do you think it's the same one person complaining every time? Does anyone check these things?

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