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I was just reading an article this morning about viruses and Macs, and wondered why on earth people are so blasé about viruses when it comes to Macs.

So the likelihood of Macs getting viruses is pretty small, I get it. PC users get them often (myself not included - whether it's because I don't open weird emails, download porn, or run random programmes without checking around first - I do not know), but Macs seem to be inmune, and (some) Mac users never let this point go unsaid in a classic Mac vs. PC 'discussion'. Many, many, many Mac users don't even bother to install an anti-virus programme on their computers, some because of the cost, and some because well, it hasn't happened so far...

But I don't get it.

To me, it's a bit like sex, as in, "Well I've been having nothing but unprotected sex all my life and I'm OK so far." I'm not just saying this as a PC user - if I did have a Mac, I would cough up for an anti-virus programme. Not having one, to me, just doesn't make sense. I don't care if it's never happened; it will. There's just no doubt about that, and all those Mac users who don't have protection are going to be screwed - no pun intended.

Why take the risk? When there exist ways with which to protect yourself, where on earth is the logic in ignoring them?

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