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Words to be Used More Often

I recently said on Twitter that I would make my blog more relevant to the field in which I hope to work.

I get a bit sad and annoyed when I read blog posts or Twitter/Facebook updates concerned with things that I want to be writing about, or researching, or even things that I have written about or researched, but have no significant outlet for them - and when I say significant, I mean a job. However, sod them, I think, I will write about them, post what I have written and all that crap, and post that on my Twitter, and see what happens. I seriously doubt that anything will happen, but it will make me feel a bit better. Or not, depending on what people say. What the hell - I'm putting myself out there.

However, I do have this blog also for pointless points (no prizes for guessing that), so it will remain a mix-up of possibily interesting reading, and totally uninteresting reading, such as this little point I'd like to make.

What happened to the word 'beastly'. As in 'a beastly man', or a 'beastly place'. I love that. There are so many words we don't use anymore and I'm not exactly sure why. I only came across this one yesterday, in a Hemmingway book I'm reading now and think it's brilliant. I might try to use it today and see what sort of reaction I get. Of course, living in Denmark, I can't guarantee that I'll get much of a reaction at all, but it's worth a try.

Anyway. Blog will become more relevant. Pointless points will remain (see above).

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