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Olecranon Fracture: Part Six

A good week was had last week, and a good weekend too. After the news from my surgeon last Friday, I saw my kommune physio (the one given to me by the hospital - for free), on Wednesday and told her about both the surgeon and my private physio, whereupon she told me that we'd actually used up all my appointed time so she could give me a measure and some advice, but then I'd have to be on my way. She was very pleased with the range of movement. I wish I could remember the degrees now, but I can't.

Short of the long is that it's now me, painful stretches at home, and gym time. I'll see slow improvement over the years (!), and while it'll never be straight, and the likelihood of me touching my shoulder is pretty slim, it'll get to the point that I rarely notice it. So I'm told.

I really hope the creaking goes, and the general stiffness too, but only time will tell. Here are some photo updates. 

A huge improvement from the last time I took photos back at the end of December. In a painful, passive stretch (pushing my arm against a wall, towards my shoulder), I can just about touch my shoulder, although I have to use my other hand to bring my fingers down on to it! Still, that's something. 

Another good thing is that I went to the gym today. Finally. I could have gone sooner, really. I just fell into a hole after this accident and it's taken me a long time to climb out of it, and back in to any form of exercise. It felt good. A good session on a bike, and then on a rowing machine! Really didn't think I'd be able to, but I could! Kettle bells as well! I hit a lot of other machines, mostly to see what I could and couldn't do, but really, there was little I couldn't do. It felt tight, and sore if I pushed it, of course, and it's depressing to see how weak I've become, but I'm so excited to really be on the path back to the old me. 

Now I just have to find the time for workouts between mother duties and work duties. Can't complain though. 

Suppose I should do those evening stretches. 

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