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Olecranon Fracture: Part Four

It's been a while since my last update. I kept meaning to write as I had a few ups and downs, but then went away on holiday and thought I'd wait until I was back. Which I am of today. 

A few weeks ago I tried to go to Open Gym at my CrossFit box (Open Gym is basically CrossFit without a class - you do what you want). I was curious to see what I could do and how well I could do it. Turns out I couldn't do much. It was very disheartening. I left after doing some pretty pathetic squats and felt sad. I did go home and pause my membership (finally!), and sign up to a normal gym though. I think I'll be able to do far more on machines instead of having to trust my body (and by body I mean elbow). I'll also be able to sit on a bike which will do for cardio. I start this week - a good thing considering how out of shape I've got. This is the longest I've not done exercise for a very, very long time. I initially lost 6.5 kilos which was all down to not exercising, but have managed to put 4 of those kilos back on thanks to eating badly and sitting around. I cringe to think of the state of me. I can't stop thinking of visceral fat. That said, it does give me motivation to get going. Watch this space. 

I also had a bit of a bad run at the physio. They essentially said that they weren't sure why things weren't progressing more, and than I would have to wait until my next x-rays (on Tuesday - today is Sunday), and to hear what the surgeon says. So they think I've hit a wall, and honestly, I felt like I had as well. However, I did start going to a private physio just before I left for my holiday, who is far more tough and after just one session increased my mobility. He gave me some new (painful), exercises to do, and in the 10 days I've been away, I'm sure mobility has increased again. 

I can't make my physio on Tuesday morning due to x-rays, but that's OK - the surgeon will probably measure me anyway. I'm curious as to what's changed. 

As usual, it's ups and downs. There are things that I can do now, which I couldn't do a fortnight ago, but somehow this only makes the things I can't do (wash my face with both hands!), seem ever further away. I'm trying to set myself milestones, such as undoing my bra behind my back with my right hand, to keep track of improvement, but it's hard to remain positive when each and every morning I had to slowly ease my elbow back into life. It hurts. Every single morning. Then I have to do my exercises. Which hurt. There's just a lot of hurt. 

Enough downs. Let's see what Tuesday brings. 

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