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The Internet - 15

Hello and welcome to another week of the internet condensed into one handy blog post. Needless to say, this is entirely my own pickings from things that have popped up in my feed or that I've come across while surfing the web - but speaking of the web, do you know the difference between the web and the internet? Now you do. 

There's been some beautiful weather in Copenhagen recently, in fact, you would be excused for thinking spring is beginning to spring, but I won't get my hopes up. One of my earliest memories of living in Denmark was being on the bus and seeing huge piles of snow - in April. I mean... I don't know. It's not right. Maybe I should move to Las Vegas. No, I can't even joke about that. I'm not sure I could imagine much worse. Anyway, here are some lovely photos of that obese and glittery money pit. 

I must admit, however, that Las Vegas fascinates me. I've been twice, and I'd gladly go again. It's the strangest place. Try to arrive at night, if you're ever going there. It's fascinating to see it rise out of the blackness. Totally unexpected and yet entirely predictable, it's heaving with debauchery of every kind. It has a history like no other place on earth, well worth reading about. Now that I think about it, the place it reminds me of is Marrakech. They're both a complete and utter sensory overload, just in very different ways (except for the heat and the dust). Anyway, I'm going way off track, sorry. I've been kicked out of the house for mother group and now I'm just rambling. 

Look at this great map showing how people from north London see the UK. I like that London is split - something that most of these kind of things forget to do, which is funny as the north/south divide within the city is probably more inherent than outside. 

If you're one of the millions (?) who is obsessed by that 50 Shades of Grey nonsense, then you might like this 50 Shades Text Generator. Actually you might like it regardless of whether or not you've read it/seen it. Here's a sample. For all I know this is an actual excerpt from the book.

Good Lord.

Save us Batman. 

This print advert from is genius. Sorry about all the smut. 

If you didn't see this very silly collection of famous people and their names, you should see it now. 

Of course we can't go a week without space, so here's NASA's official poster for Expedition 45. It's quite unbelievable. 

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