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Weeeeeeeek 24! This Way Nonsense Lies

That's right, nonsense. As usual. Although you might find something useful, I doubt it. Anyway, that's dribble. Speaking of dribble, my son produces gallons of the stuff. It's only been a week but I already can't wait until he learns to shut his gob. No doubt something I'll be wishing for a very long time, but what can you do? 

To start things off, look how cinnamon is harvested. It's kind of like how you'd expect, really...but it's still nice to watch. 

Speaking of food, sort of, check out the top 18 lunches of British people. No doubt number one is accompanied by a bag of salt and vinegar and washed down with a Coke, or a nice cuppa if you're in the office. Personally, I love a good cheese sandwich, but normally have a tuna thing, in case you're interested. 

On a sort of similar note, these are the little things that make us happy. British people, that is. We're simple folk. Can't argue with number 41. I love the smell of pencils in the morning. 

I admit I just saw number 47 on that list. At least we're honest. We're also silly, as is evident in the video below. 

Oh look! This is something useful. Feel free to print this out, or just memorise it (good luck). Look me in the eyes and tell me you knew these. You can't. For numerous reasons. So there.

Naturally, this leads to me to photos of lions. 

These photos were taken by a very lucky man who snapped them just before he got back in the vehicle, and obviously just before Herre Lion bit his head off. If he looks mad now, just imagine how upset he was when his lunch drove away. 


To lighten up the mood, here' Sylvester Stallone in a bread advert. Yes, that's right. 

A more-realistic-than-Terminator time travel short. 

Here's something useful for you Android users. If you lose your phone, all you have to do is open up Google, type 'find my phone', and hit search/enter. And there it is (of course, you have to have your location turned on  and be connected to the internet in one way or another, but still!). 

Finally, because the sun is out and we all like to have a pint or two in the sun, this wonderful site from Poke will let you do just that. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy those pints. 

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