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Week Whatever. It's the Internet Who Cares

Back from maternity leave, here I am. Here are things I saved while away, so nothing's really new. Still cool though. 

Here's a lowdown on tattoo styles. 

This is an amazing blog called Jim'll Paint It. Jim paints things in Microsoft Paint.

"Dear Jim, please paint me The Alien Queen, back off maternity leave and bollocking everyone for not using Dropbox properly."

Get your Marvel universe sorted.

If you didn't watch the Women's World Cup, shame on you. England did incredibly well, only falling at the semis due to some really shitty luck. Could have won this thing. USA did though, with an amazing game against Japan. Next one's in France so a great chance to pop across and see it. Roll on 2019! 

The ad below was published just before the Germany game, which we won. 



America is really big. "This map, by Redditor Hormisdas splits America into five districts with around-equal populations to Britain based on data from the US Census. Speaking to, he explained that the map is roughly accurate but "the regions are actually a tad bit less than the UK's population, since I rounded up to five regions to make them all equal."

Ever wondered why material on public transport has such a distinctive design? It's not a nice reason. 

Here is a video of a heart transplant. It's mad. And bloody, obviously. 

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