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Week 19 of the WWW

Another late post this week. It's been beautiful weather and to be perfectly honest, I've been out a lot rather than in the office. I'm sure you understand. I've now got 30 minutes before dinner is ready and guests arrive (we eat early now we're parent type people), so I'll try and make this post have some kind of coherence. Not that they usually do but who cares?

This video will make you angry. So think calm thoughts. 

We lost Terry Pratchett this week. Very sad news. He's been a figure in most of my life, thanks to my brother who was a big fan. I'll admit I've never read his books. I was never a huge fan of fiction, but I've started to lean that way these days. Despite my not reading his books, I still found his last tweets and the emotional response to his death overwhelming. 

Find out what made Terry, and the rest of us, human, in this very nice parallax site from the beeb

I've never been on a cruise ship, but I've always been tempted by it. There's something intriguing about living in a contained area for a certain amount of time. Great for people watching too. 

The mighty, mighty mountains. I've also never been to the Himalayas, and given the choice between them and a cruise ship, I'd get cold any day of the week. 

Here's a taste of Austria. I have been to Austria. Twice, so there. 

Excellent drone footage through the Crossrail tunnels in Loondon. I've never flown a drone, but I did see one crash into a crowd watching a cruise ship dock in Hamburg (apparently it was a very exciting cruise ship. New or something). 

That's it! Go about your weekend. 

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