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A Week in the Life of the WWW (No. 18)

Quite a late post this week as I've spent the day running around trying to sort out my life, which always takes longer than expected, especially when it's raining in that half-hearted way that doesn't really look like rain until you're on your bike and then gets absolutely everywhere, even managing to sneak in behind your glasses. I hate it. I thought I left that crap in England. Oh well! Warm and dry now, beers in the fridge, a sleeping baby, and a holiday being planned. Woohoo!

Here's Iceland being Iceland. They're all slightly mad over there, I swear it. 

I love old signs. There are few sights more pleasing to the eye than a weather-worn, hand-painted sign on a brick wall. This little film looks wonderful, and rather exciting. Then again, you throw Hall of the Mountain Kings over paint drying and it'd look exciting. Come to think of it, that's practically what this does. In a good way. 

I love fish and chips, and enjoy fish in general, so this is a pretty handy chart to keep in mind (or refer to. Or print out and take shopping with you, if you're really like that). Click on it for a bigger version. 

LEGO and Back to the Future. Perfection. 

I still thought you lost 90% - or something like that - of heat from your noggin. Shows how much I know. 

Sainsbury's asked loads of people what books children should read before they're 16, and have a top 50. It's really worth a look. Below is the top 10. I was surprised to see things like Charles Dickens and Anne Frank in there. They're a bit heavy for children, I think, but I'm very pleased to see Watership Down and Charlotte's Web in there too. They scarred me for life, but they're great. 

Fun fact. 

This is my new favourite advert. Mostly because I love the dog, but also because you see the ad before you really realise it. Damn them.

What no space? Of course there is ninny. This amazing website shows you what the astronauts on the ISS can see right now. Or in simper terms; it shows you where the ISS is. Just look at it. Here's a terrible screenshot because right now they're over the Pacific Ocean.  

Have an excellent weekend. 

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