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The Internet: Week 20

Hello and welcome to another week of the internet. Right now, as I type, a solar eclipse is happening. At least I think so. It's been nothing but blue skies the whole week, but today? Today is cloudy. That, I'm told, is what they call 'life'. Luckily, with 36 years on this lump of rock, I am used to this 'life' business, so I'm not surprised at this turn of events. The next significant one won't happen until 2026 (in the UK, anyway). Hopefully I'll still be around then. And in the UK. Anyway, enough about me, what about you?

Discussions about art are wonderful. I have zero education in art, but I love getting in to not-quite-sober discussions about what is art. I once saw a programme about an elephant who bashed a brush about the canvas creating, well, a mess. They then put that painting in a gallery, said it was by a new artist, and people went nuts about the hidden meaning, or how it deconstructs today's society with a hint of postmodern sarcasm, or whatever. It was partly hysterical, and party maddening. Art. I dunno. 

If films are more your kind of art but you can't decide what to watch, check out Flixfindr. It will help you. 

Guns are bad, mmm-kay? This is a good idea to drum home that guns aren't just things you should own because you can. 

Still in America, but on quite a different note, Vincent LaFloret has captured stunning aerial shots of San Francisco. Check out the others here. It's really worth a look. 

Next time you're bored, try Google Feud. "Google Feud is a web game based on the Google API. We select the questions, then the results are pulled directly from Google's autocomplete."

Still bored? Watch Jurassic Park in LEGO.

It's the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. If you don't know what that is or how it affects you, watch this, because it does affect you, and everyone else. 

OK, history lesson over, and in fact, post over. 

I sat and watched somewhere in the Faroe Islands go completely dark, while Copenhagen remained relatively light and sadly very cloudy. It looked very exciting from YouTube. I hope you managed to catch a glimpse, wherever you are. 

Bon weekend!

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