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Chapter 14 of the Internet

This week has been quite in terms of internet goodness, but fear not - I've found a handful of things to keep you occupied on the toilet/over breakfast/on the sofa/on the train/anywhere else. 

The first good news is that LEGO will be making a Dr Who set. The Tardis! In LEGO! Life just keeps getting better....

Dr Who leads nicely on to space, and where would this weekly post be without space? Here are some rockets (click for a bigger one). 

Just to continue the space theme a bit, here is a chart that covers all the temperatures in the universe, from absolute zero, to 'absolute hot'.

Turns out the Nazi party were sticklers for identity - to the extent of having a 700 page brand manual. Can't say I'm too surprised, but still...700 pages! If you're into that sort of thing, you can read it all here

Just in case you're in doubt, here's a handy chart to help you decide if you should vaccinate your child or not. You know, just in case. 

This beauty was number one on the day I was born. Get yours here

This is the best thing to come out of the Super Bowl. 36 hours after half-time, UK-based animation studio A+C Studios, recreated the best adverts as a stop motion animated film. Impressive stuff. 

OK, that's it. Go and be productive!

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