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Qatar - Reflect Your Respect

Qatar have launched a social media campaign encouraging tourists to cover up and abide by their Islamic values when visiting. This includes dressing respectfully (i.e. covering up shoulders and knees, and avoiding tight clothing), and a few other things, including 'obscene acts' (and muffin tops apparently). Along with a Twitter and Instagram account, leaflets are being handed out.

So far, the campaign has drawn a mixed response. Some agree, but some argue that respect means accepting and including what is different, not alienating them. This might be true, but it's not respect itself that's being promoted, the campaign is simply asking people to respect a country's values and culture, and while I might not agree with some of their values, I do believe that tourists should show respect. 

I'm willing to bet that the same people who think this campaign is wrong, are the same people who think Islamic people should wear something else other than their traditional Islamic clothing when abroad. I wonder if they see the irony. Probably not. 

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