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The Internet. Chapter 7

This week has mostly involved baby things for me. There's been a lot of poo, quite a lot of wee, and one hell of a lot of baby gazing. But I won't bore you (more). Instead I'll talk about the non-baby stuff that my week was made of. 

Like this! Who needs the internet on a daily basis when someone puts together 233 of the most viral videos of 2014? 

Or this...

Sexy Jesus also made an appearance, and who doesn't want sexy Jesus on their walls? I mean really - who?!

Check out what we searched for in 2014. What did you search for? Yeah, probably best not said. Instead, why not look at 2014 on Twitter

Speaking of Twitter, why not have a Twitter clock?


Think you can make a better Tampax ad? I doubt it. 

OK, this was last week, but you know - baby - so here it is now. 

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