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A Week of Internet Goodness

I've been really slack in blogging recently, so instead of fretting about it, I've decided to do one post a week on Fridays (unless I really can't wait with something). So here's the first week. Enjoy.

Thanks to Guy, for that. 

Handy VLC tricks, like recording your desktop and downloading YouTube videos. 

John Lewis' 2014 Christmas ad, by Adam & Eve, makes me tear up - again - but I did think it was going to be worse. I did think it was going to go full Calvin and Hobbes, which would have ruined my computer, but thankfully it didn't. 

Russell Brand meets Blur.

Snoop Dogg likes to grow giant vegetables, apparently.

The world's first first person POV action film. 

Like Eminem and The Beatles? Try 'em mashed up together. Sounds mad, but it works. 

You remember Catvertising? John St., the agency behind it, is back. It's super fucking fast content creation. 

It's the analogue digital version of leaving a crap in a brown paper bag on someone's doorstep and setting fire to it. Or something. 

The weirdest thing you'll see this week, I guarantee it. 

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