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Glastonbury - Glidestonbury 2013

I've only been to Glastonbury twice. I was supposed to go again this year but already had a two week holiday planned so there wasn't anyway I could get more holiday from work. It actually worked out OK (sort of) in the end as I fractured a rib a week before it all kicked off. Would have been a bloody nightmare to go with that. Anyway, I was, as photos bombarded my streams, green with envy and incredibly nostalgic for some of the most surreal and mind-blowing days I've ever had. But I know I'm only just scratching the surface. There's no other festival like it - not that I've tried them all, but I'm willing to bet good money on it. I'm determined to go next year. Well, the reason for all this is that Glastonbury Festival posted this video, by videographer Callum Whiteley, on their Facebook page last night and I thought it's very good. It only covers a corner of the festival (not even the Pyramid Stage is in there), but it's a good idea of just how nuts the whole thing is, and just what a range of experiences go down over that week on Worthy Farm. If you've not been, try it. Just once. 

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