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Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

Magnum have released a follow up to their original Pleasure Hunt. I can't seem to find any exact numbers on it, but Unilever claim to have attracted seven million players, who spent an average of 5 minutes taking part. Mick van Ettinger, global senior vice-president at Magnum, said: "Having seen the success of last year's game, which became the most Tweeted web address in the world after just one week of launch, we look forward to witnessing another viral sensation."

To me, it was (as part two is) long and after the first 30 seconds, boring. I also don't get anything out of it so don't understand why I should bother. But, if indeed it was the most tweeted web address in the world after just one week (not sure exactly what that means) then that's a lot of impressions. The main problem with part two is that it doesn't really offer anything new. Yes, it's integrated with Google Map, and yes our little Magnum woman can do some new tricks, but is that all? Take a look and let me know what you think. Maybe I'm just grumpy and boring. You can either watch 6 minute video below or play it here: Magnum Treasure Hunt 2.

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