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Unilever Germany - Fuck the Diet

In Denmark, where I am, English swear words don't really carry the same weight. People use just about any word, at any time, on any medium. It's a little weird, even now after I've been here about 10 years. I just can't get my head around hearing a DJ say 'fuck' at 10am on national radio. 

Over in neighbouring Germany, Unilever have decided to incorporate the dreaded f-word into an ad campaign. I mean, why not? Fuck the Diet is the slogan for a campaign for Du darfst, a range of healthy products. I suppose they're aiming for impact and that is what they've got. However, the Germans don't seem quite as nonchalant about the word and the campaign has drawn a great deal of complaints

It's on TV, Du darfst's website, Ogilvy's website, their Facebook page (well, here it's F***, because then, well, who knows what it says), and you can even download a badge with 'Fuck the diet' on it. You know, for kids. I wonder how Danes would have reacted? Christ, imagine the Brits!

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