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I'm Leaving Designit. Want My Job?

Update: Here is the job ad proper.

My time at Designit has come to an end.

I have mixed feelings about this of course. Part of me is very sad to be leaving the wonderful people at Designit, but there's a bigger part of me that is thrilled about starting a new position at Halbye Kaag JWT. If you're interested in my old job as Online Communicator, read on. Or skip to the end.

I had heard the word 'family' be used a lot about Designit, and when I had my two interviews for the position, I felt like I was being interviewed not only for what I could do, but to the same degree who I was. This, I've found out, is just how it is. Chemistry over competences is Designit's mantra when it comes to hiring, and it's evident once you're there. It's what makes leaving so hard. My reason for leaving was that I woke up one day and wondered what I was doing. My job had become something that I wasn't passionate about. I took a look at what I blog about, what I read, what I research, and what I love, and realised that it had pretty much nothing to do with what I get paid for doing. That didn't make much sense to me, so I decided to do something about it.

I sent my CV to Anders over at Halbye Kaag JWT, had a couple of chats with him and the other digital guys, and a match was found. They sum up what I believe about advertising. They believe in digital but don't put all their eggs in the buzzword basket. My job title is Digital Project Manager, but I'll be touching on many different areas, and as time goes by I'll no doubt become more involved in some areas than others. I find it incredibly exciting to think that in just under a month I'll be doing something that I'm genuinely passionate about. I really can't wait.

Of course, all this means that my old positon at Designit is up for grabs. There's no official job ad out just yet (this will change very soon), but I thought I'd outline it a bit here, so you can get your CVs ready if you fancy it.

Ideally, you should have (or be):

  • SEO experience/web marketing experience
  • Google AdWords experience
  • Drupal experience
  • A keen interest in/knowledge of design
  • Excellent English skills - this is a must. Native speaker preferably, but I've met some Danes who have a far superior grasp of English grammar than me
  • An understanding of Danish is handy, but not a must
  • Able to write well - there's a lot of writing going on (writing with a business/design twist is preferable)
  • A knowledge of social media
  • A sense of humour
  • An open mind
  • Social, social, social

Some of these, such as SEO, AdWords, Drupal and knowledge of design, were not in the original job ad. In my opinion they are pretty important, and I hope they are included in the coming ad.

You'd be responsible for all online communication, and all website content. Designit is currently at 244 employees over 12 studios, so there's a great deal of coordination going on, and a huge amount of dealing with requests, chasing up information, news, photos, cases etc. Having the confidence to say 'no' will help a lot, but knowing what to prioritise when is a big factor.

This is just a short post before I run out the door, but I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible. If you want to know more, drop me a mail. I'll be glad to tell you more. I'll also update this a bit and add the ad proper as soon as it comes out.

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