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Curation - Yes, Again

Came across this on the wonderful Brain Pickings.

"First things first — “curation” is a terrible term. It has been used so frivolously and applied so indiscriminately that it’s become vacant of meaning. But I firmly believe that the ethos at its core — a drive to find the interesting, meaningful, and relevant amidst the vast maze of overabundant information, creating a framework for what matters in the world and why — is an increasingly valuable form of creative and intellectual labor, a form of authorship that warrants thought."

Agree enitrely. But then I watched the film and got confused. 

As I've said before, I'm not a fan of the word 'curation', and while the idea behind this video is one I agree with (see quote above) the quotes from the film, below, seem to contradict it, to some extent, and to land us right back in the mess of 'if everyone's curating, who's curating?' 

"For me the role of a curatir is to fint the most interesting things within this massive onslaught of messy information." Rex Sorgatz

"We all started our sites by writing to ourselves but at some point you've got to give that mix of stuff that you like and you think is interesring and then also thinking about what will the audience appreciate." Piers Fawkes

Ideas are the most valuable thing. Good ones make all the difference; bad ones can hold us back, maybe even destroy us. If we can focus on finding the right ones, helping distill them, and transfer them as quickly as possible, we can get more of that. Curation is that means to the end.” Peter Hopkins

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