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Re:Brief by Google

Digital advertising turns 18 years old this year - hang on, I'll just copy/paste what Google say as they sum it up well, obviously. "Yet despite almost two decades of innovation online, digital ads are still being used to simply inform more than they're being used to connect, engage and entertain. So we designed this experiment to re-imagine what advertising can be and push the boundaries of how creative ideas and our technology can work hand in hand." So, to do this, Google have launched Project Re:Brief. They're taking classic ads and are turning them digital. 

So far, Coca Cola's Hilltop ad has been turned into an app, allowing you to send a Coke to someone, anywhere in the world.

Volvo's Drive it Like you Hate It, has become a tablet app.

It's a great idea, and it'll certainly allow digital people to push their imagination, but there is a part of me that think it's a great example of digital getting carried away. The Volvo ad, for example. A brilliant piece of copy on a simple print ad. It's a fantastic ad. But the tablet app? Would anyone spend so long on it? I do wonder.

Will be interesting to see what the others are like...

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