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Dumb Ways to Die

I've been thinking about this for a few days now. It's been popping up everywhere and for good reason. It's cute, funny and original. On the way to work this morning I finally realised what I like so much about it.

It addresses the extremely delicate matter of really stupid ways to die. You know, the ones where, while acknowledging that it is of course a shame, you think that maybe they were asking for it? I've seen, unfortunately (at a YouTube Battle of all places) a few videos of people meeting their untimely demise, and sorry to say there was more than one where I thought that if you're daft enough to do that, you've can't really be surprised if you bite the big one (not that you know, mind you).

Anyway, I dare to say that if this had been made differently (i.e. pointed out that if you do die/get hurt by running on train tracks etc, then you're really fucking stupid. End of story) then it would have probably got in a lot of hot water about it. No one likes being called stupid.

Especially dead know what I mean. It's just refreshing to see something that instead of dancing around the point saying that it's dangerous, or that you might get hurt, it just tells it like it is. Kudos to Melbourne Metro and John Mescall.

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