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Chocolates with Attitude

Brandhouse, a Danish branding company, has created a box of chocolates, Chocolates with Attitude, in order to communicate brand archetypes.

If it sounds a bit odd, that's because it is, but it's also quite a lot of fun (and nice to look at). Through the Chocolates with Attitude site you can have a look at everything, from process to product. Apparently it's their second, the first being praised for design and packaging, but this one differs in that it contains chocolates made from scratch - differing tastes for each archetype - and a pin-up girl calendar (they probably also could have done a male calendar, but there you go). Everything was done from scratch. The chocolates created, the pin-up girls styled, photographed and styled some more, the packaging designed, and of course, the brand archetype test which I presume you have to take in order to get your yummy chocolates and pin-up girls (I tried taking it to see if I could even see my result, but I had to fill out stuff so I didn't). 

There are 12 different archetypes (from Girl Next Door to Rebel), each with their own pin-up, their own design, and own taste. Very nicely done.

It's certainly one way to get people to take your test and get some press. Mind you, I'm a huge fan of the 50s and pin-up designs, so I was an easy target. Here's a making-of video.

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