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Want to be Friends on Facebook?

I never usually 'connect with Facebook'. I just don't like letting everything access my everything, but for some reason (probably who posted it originally) I thought that I'd make an exception for this. I'm glad I did - it's pretty damn cool.

Once connected with Facebook, the film begins. You're watching 3 teenage girls, each in their own home, discussing, basically, how hot and amazing you are. Two of them are totally normal lovesick teenagers. The other, well, let's just say you wouldn't want to meet her in a dark alley. But apparently, you did.

Notruf Deutschland is a German TV show, a kind of real life crime solving thing (from what I can make out), and this Facebook app certainly gives the chills they're looking for.

After seeing 'myself' in a sack on the floor of a room, walls adorned with my photos and what I presume to be my blood, I thought that was it. Pretty cool. 

Then I got an email with a link to my video in it, and a link to the Facebook app.

Fair enough - they have my info. After I saw this, I deleted the app (I hate a messy Facebook). 

About 3 hours later, I received a friend request. From Emily Borowczyk. Who the hell is Emily Borowczyk? It wasn't until I looked at the friend request on Facebook that I realised who it was...

It was my captor, friending me on Facebook. 


I wonder how long this will go on before Facebook has an issue with it? Maybe they won't, who knows. I for one love this. It's taking the usual campaign one step further, and really touching the user. I must admit that even though I smiled once I knew who she was and what it was, I must admit at first, I felt a little chill.

Maybe I'm just easy.

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