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How to tie your shoes

I'm not one of those bloggers who posts videos and links and stuff, but on this occasion I have to. A colleague posted this on our bulletin board yesterday, and at first I ignored it, but later on in the afternoon I needed a 5 minute break and watched it. It was pretty interesting, but I didn't really think of it much. Until this morning.

I got up and headed off to the gym before work, and while I tied my laces, the video popped back in to my head. I usually have to either stop my run and tighten my laces which drives me mad, or what I normally do to avoid this is to tie a double-knot, which only annoys me even more as when it comes to undoing them, you have to pick away at the knot, and my nails are short, and, well, it's just annoying. 

So I decided to tie them 'correctly'. And you know what? They didn't budge. Not once. Try it. Try doing one shoelace the usual way, and one the correct way, and see which holds. I dare ya. 

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