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I don't want this blog to turn into some kind of rant about my experiences with bad customer service, but it's something that really gets under my skin for a number of reasons. Today, it's IDEmøbler.

I know there are those people who just don't give a shit about their jobs or the company they work for which is unavoidable, granted. Then there are those who do love their company, perhaps it's their own, and therefore (you'd think) have every want to be nice to their customers to keep them satisfied but for some odd reason, they just don't seem to care. There's also a group who are just lazy, and won't believe what you tell them, and will refuse to seek assistance from someone who might know more, a colleague, for example. 

I think I got one of the latter when I wrote to IDEmøbler to ask them about a table I wanted to buy. 

We had seen this table online, and it was everything we wanted. Big, wooden, chunky, and the kind of table you can chop on, spill stuff on, and prepare food on and it would all just add to the character.

Lovely. So off we went to IDEmøbler to see it. This is what we found;

In my eyes, these are two different tables. If I ordered the first, and recieved the second, I'd complain. It's much, much darker than the first. So, I emailed IDEmøbler and asked if each table was totally unique, as they were made from recycled wood (which it says on one of the signs on the table, and IDEmøbler pointed out to me via email). 

Alsa, IDEmøbler didn't seem to understand. They said they couldn't guarantee what the table would look like. Ah, I replied, so that means that each table is unique. No, they said, it is as on the IDEmøbler website. Hmmm. But what about the photo from in the shop? They told me I could make the table lighter by using polish. Seriously? 

I find it hard to believe that there was no one at IDEmøbler who could have told me, truthfully and honestly, that the picture on the website was misleading. I told them as much, and said that if I ordered the table from the site, and the one from instore arrived, I would not be happy. Then suddenly all email communication stopped. I popped by the shop the other day and asked a nice man in there about it. He said that the one in store is how they look. How they all look. They're all the same. I told him about the website and he said he'd look at it. I don't think he will though.

I don't want to come off as a bitter 30-something, but why put a picture on your site that is a completely different colour of what you'd send to the customer? These things just don't make sense in my head.

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