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Mutton Dressed as Lamb

I always think of this saying when a fast food chain hires some creatives who come up with a new logo/package/interior or pretty much anything else. At the end of the day - it's fatty, greasy, unhealthy, and the restaurants are filled with undesirables (myself included occasionally). 

Over in Singapore, Burger King have recently unveiled their latest attempt (from OutofStock) at making these places look, well, nice, and nice it does look. Empty and unused. Just wait until it's filled with squashed chips, crying kids, the weirdos that come for free, and that fast food aroma.

The idea behind it was that 'flame grilled' connotated a nice BBQ setting, or a 'garden grill', which it does. If you're at a BBQ in a garden. However, Burger King is not a pleasant garden grill, it's a fast food joint. Deal with it. 

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