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Is it just me or is blood popping up everywhere these days?

The Social Blood initiative.

The wonderful Thicker than Blood by Saatchi & Saatchi.

The bloody stockings by Kiseung Lee which, while being purely conceptual (on show Helsinki Design Week) they were still hammering home the message of giving something a little more vital this year. 

Finally, this ad from Brazil, with the tagline, "If getting blood was this easy, we wouldn’t have to ask you to donate."

Blood giving is a little weird in Denmark.

"The Blood Banks in Denmark are regulated by Sundheds Styrelsen (Board of Health) under the Ministery of Health. They dictate that all blood donors must be able to read and speak Danish. The reason being, that all blood donors need to go through a written and oral interview in Danish. These regulations are meant to secure that blood donors understand all questions and are able to answer them correctly. They are also meant to prevent misunderstandings between the blood collecting staff and the donor. As the questions are of a personal matter, translators are not allowed. Any lack of understanding or misinformation may result in reduced safety both for the donor and for the recipients. It is therefore not allowed for the blood banks to make any exceptions. We are aware that many non Danish speaking people work and study in Denmark. Although we could use the blood, we are presently not able to include these individuals as donors. In case you stay in Denmark and do learn the Danish language, we naturally welcome you warmly as a donor."

Why not have an English speaking member of staff? Who knows.

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