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London 2012 Posters

The official London 2012 Olympic posters have been unveiled, all of which are by artists, and not designers. A little odd, even in my humble non-designer opinion. They're alright. A couple of them are pretty nice (Hodgkin and Whiteread), but I'd hardly use the word 'inspiring'. They're no where near as awful as the font, for which I'm grateful, but to me, they lack the impact of some past Olympic posters. It's a pity, but it could have been worse.

Anthea Hamilton

Bob and Roberta Smith

Bridget Riley

Chris Ofili

Fiona Banner

Gary Hume

Howard Hodgkin

Martin Creed

Michael Craig-Martin

Rachael Whiteread

Sarah Morris

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin's attempt reminds me of a Hallmark card, and Sarah Morris' art reminded me of the BBC test card. Maybe that's just me. 

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