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Pop-up Online/Offline Store

I'm actually quite surprised this doesn't happen more often. Surely the idea of having an offline shop with just a single item of each, er, item, rather than multiple colours and sizes, and computers for customers to order the item in whatever colour and size they wanted isn't new. In fact I know it isn't as even I've thought of it. Online shopping lacks critical tactile experiences - people touch the things they buy, on purpose, or absentmindedly, it's something we do, and it affects the purchase.

So kudos to Danish brand VERO MODA for opening up their pop-up online/offline store where you can see the whole collection (instead of being limited to shop size), feel and see some of the collection, and order online. 

"In store you will find styles from across the entire VERO MODA collection, a broader offer than is available in any retail space. Only a few styles will be on the rails in store, replacing the traditional way of displaying merchandise with product images spanning the walls. Coordinating QR codes offer product and pricing information, as well as easy shopping opportunities. Computers will also be set up in store so that customers can shop online for gifts for their loved ones (and themselves), with staff on hand to offer guidance, and have their purchases delivered to their door."

The store can be found in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city, from November 15th through to Christmas.

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