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Johnnie Walker Meets Old Spice

The Old Spice ads are great. They're original, funny and made everyone on the internet get very excited. I believe they even impacted the bottom line, which is quite a feat all things considered. Anyway. This morning I saw the new ad from Johnnie Walker, which immediately seemed more than a tad familar. 

Just me? 

Old Spice (Wieden + Kennedy) were on to a good thing, and Johnnie Walker knew it. There's no shame in borrowing an idea and making it your own (after all, everything's a remix, right?), but borrowing a global viral phenomenon, slapping a different brand on it, and throwing in your own catchy line (leverage, portfolio, fiduciary) just to make it completely different, well, I can't say it's the best idea. Then again. I could easily be wrong.

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