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Another New Blog?

After....well not very long of having my 'new' blog here at WordPress, it looks like I might be moving on again.

I left Eblogger as everyone I knew was on WordPress, you could do more with it, and I wanted to merge my website and blog together, which I never actually got around to doing. However, that is because of a very busy schedule recently - not because I couldn't figure it out. Wait, I'm lying; it's also because I couldn't figure it out.

Now I know it's meant to be extremely easy, but I am not a good person when it comes to computers and anything to do with any kind of code. Sure, I made my own website, but that was using FrontPage, and that is incredibly easy to do. I kept arranging to meet up with someone who very kindly agreed to help me, but kept cancelling on him as I realised I just didn't have time. In the end, I said that it'd have to wait until I had time, which would be at some point in the future. Maybe.

Anyway, I recently watched a YouTube video of Dan 3.0 via Mashable, where I heard about SquareSpace. Being curious I checked it out, and must admit, it looks incredibly easy. Yes, you have to pay - not much at all - but to be honest, paying is actually something I would do for full control of my site (remember; me + code = forget-about-it). Having watched the little intro video, read about it online, and seen comparisons between WordPress and SquareSpace, I do believe I'm going to move my blog. Again. It just looks too easy, and the comparisons pretty much work out evenly, the sole difference being that SquareSpace is good for those who really are crap at things involving code, etc. That's me. I know it comes down to your own preferences most of the time, and SquareSpace seems to suit mine.

That said, I have no idea when I'll swap. Maybe one weekend when it's raining and I am giving myself a break from the thesis. Who knows. I just thought I'd share.

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