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Danske Bank; Wake up and Smell the Internet

Why is it that my Danish Bank, Danske Bank, is so difficult to log in to?

My UK banks, Lloyds TSB and Santander, can both be used on any browser (or at least Chrome, Firefox and IE), and although I need two different codes, both a mix of numbers and letters, logging on is as easy as pie; enter your codes, click the button, Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt - you're in.

So far, my experience with Danske Bank, could not be further from this.

I started out with having to download Internet Explorer, as I had received, for some reason, an option called a 'e-Safekey' which meant that I could only log in through that browser. I hate IE, it gave my computer a lot of problems, so after complaining on Twitter, I was thrilled to see Danske Bank tweeting me, and telling me that I could use any browser! So I opened a tab in Firefox, but log on. Eventually I was told that to log on in other browsers, I'd have to use their other log in option, an 'ActivCard'. OK.....

So I orderd one of those.

Have you seen that? It's exactly like a mini-calculator that I have to carry with me ALL the time if I want to log on using any other browser other than IE. I have to enter my code, the mini-calculator then gives me a one-time code which I then have to enter, and then finally I'm in.

Seriously, Danske Bank. It's 2010. Why on EARTH do I have to actually carry something around with me to access my ONLINE banking? It's absolutely absurd!

I just can not understand it, and it drives me mad.

Why can't I just use the same codes in differen browsers? Give me a good and just reason why, and I'll shut up, but until then; sort it the f*ck out.


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