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I read an article in this month's Wired magazine, which is summed up here, about Dutch artist, Coralie Vogelaar, who received vast amounts of hate mail due to her art (which is, all things considered, a bit odd), but, art is art and that seems to be pretty much anything, and besides - who am I to say.

Anyway, the point is that Coralie, or TINKEBELL, after making a handbag out of her own cat, as well as sowing other pets together, received so much hate mail, she thought it would make a great statement (and book) if she published them all. So she did, but not only that. With a little help from our friend the Internet, she managed to find websites, email addresses, home addresses, blogs, photos, and so forth, belonging to those individuals who decided to write the (in some cases scary and threatening)emails and letters, all of which are published along side their email or letters, for all the world to see. Our privacy is well and truly dead, and it's probably time we all acknowledged this fact - especially before we sound off about something. Is she liable? Highly unlikely. From a legal point of view, if it's online, it can hardly be something you were trying to keep private, and besides, being inundated with hate mail would probably stand up in a court far more than just Googling a name.

I absolutely love this, and just had to share it.

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