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Popularity is the Hallmark of Mediocrity

Ah...the endless conundrum of fashionistas, musicians and all artists (except weird ones like Tracy Enim and probably others I don't know).

Unfortunatley, as some may know, I can not lay claim to this quote (in fact, rather embarrassingly, I took it from a TV show).

Anyway, I like it, therefore I use it. Or something.

Do we really want to be popular? Should we tell our children to strive for the unusual or extreme? Does this mean that once something moves from being unknown or cult/underground to the knowledge of the mass public (whoever that is), it ceases to as good as it was? Some think so. Some don't. Is it really 'uncool' to like the same things that everyone else does? If an underground hit emerges through some chance, and results in it being a chart topper, do some people then condem it? Probably.

Well, that was enough procrastinating for one day. Back to work....

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