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Utah 2018

In just over a week, I'll be doing two things for the first time (actually far more than that, but for the sake of brevity I'll stick with two).

1. I'll be going to Utah

2. I'll be going on holiday with my brother. And only my brother

So the first is a bit of a lie. I have been to Utah before, but usually when I travel to the US I make a beeline for Arizona. I feel like I'm cheating.

The second, though, is absolutely true. I think we've both grown up a bit since we were children and hating each other, so hopefully we'll both come back alive. But there's always the chance. At least we've discovered we share a love of the American Southwest, something I never would happen, to be honest. But there you go. He's persuaded me to venture a little further into Utah, and from what I saw just under two years ago, I won't be disappointed.

Our route is below (not including the obvious multiple stops at Arches and Canyonlands. 


So there you go. I can't wait. 

Arizona 2016

Yes, it's time for another trip. Although this one is a bit different as I'm wondering already why it is I'm going. I know the answer, of course, but what is new and what is causing concern is the fact that I now have a child. I had one last time I went, but he was still firmly inside his mor, so in a way, there was nothing for me to miss. Now there's a lot. 

I'm going because I took a chance and entered the lottery for a spot to hike to Coyote Buttes North, also known as The Wave. As a protected wilderness area, permits to hike there are hard to come by, and in fact, only 20 people a day get to hike there and back. To get a permit, you must enter a lottery three months before you hope to go. It's literally the luck of the draw, and surprisingly, I got lucky. My hike is September 9th. 

I'll be in Arizona (and Utah), for just under a week. I'll make my way to Flagstaff for a night, before heading up to Page which will be my base for The Wave. From there, I'll head to Kanab in Utah for a couple of nights, and hike Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon. I've poured over the hikes available in Bryce and Zion, and have narrowed them down to: 



I've no idea if I'll do them all, but it's good to have a starting point or five. 

On the Monday after, I'll make the trip back to Phoenix from Kanab, about a five hour drive through central Arizona. If I have the time, I'll take the scenic route. 

Then it's back home to my incredible wife and beautiful child. I can't wait. 

The route

The route

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