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Olecranon fracture: Part nine

A short post here to say that today I'm having the metal removed from my elbow! I'm very excited, but also a little nervous about the procedure. 

I thought I should share a photo that shows my full range of motion, 14 months after the accident (almost to the day).

These were taken after an evening of watching TV, so no stretches beforehand. I'm pretty pleased with the progress, but am still very much aware of it when working out; not being able to fully extend or fully flex means that I compensate with my shoulder which then causes problems there, or, alternatively, it simply means I can't do certain exercises well. Could be worse, but I'd rather have my old elbow back. 

I also can see and and feel some of the metal, and the fact that it's all still in there means that I can't mentally move on. This isn't over yet, in some way, and I think that having it removed will mean that I can lean on my elbows again (imagine!), and, more importantly, that I can finally put this all behind me. Roll on 2017. 

Anyway. There you go. I'll do an update on how the op went and any physio I have to do after. Won't be nearly as bad as before as no cutting and reattaching tendons etc., but there will no doubt be some. Am very curious to see how things are in another year's time. 

Until then! Merry Christmas! 

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